Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big State Fair of Texas Weekend...

"Howdy, Folks!"

Sunday morning, Jordan and I loaded up in his pickup and headed north to Dallas; where I made my first trip, as a spectator, to the State Fair of Texas. I had been once before a couple of years ago but never made it passed the cattle barn. On this beautiful fall day we toured the grounds, enjoyed a classic fair food lunch; corn dogs and cotton candy. We even venture out and tried the Fried Frito Pie, which I highly recommend. I enjoyed it so much that I would almost drive back right now and stand in another long line for the fried goodness. Later in the day we met up with his sweet family to watch the Limousin show and walk the fair some more. Now, I’m not a fan of crowds and though there were a jillion (yes, I counted) people out due to the lovely weather, I had a blast. I highly recommend going at least once, or once a year, and enjoying all the offerings of this big as Texas event.

Of course, you can’t leave the fair without seeing Big Texas.


  1. mmmmm i'm craving a visit to the fair! sounds perfect!

  2. I tell you what, they know what they are doing there with that fried frito pie. It's amazing!!!!