Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting started

The idea of this blog has been growing for quite some time, too long actually. I know you’re thinking “Hannah, it’s just a blog, start it already and move on.” However, I struggled to find the purpose and motivation behind those writing efforts. I don’t necessarily want to tell a story, but just to provide an outlet for my crazy thoughts and ideas. No other forces but my internal, probably irrational expectations of what “my” blog should represent have been the delay in my writing. I felt overwhelmed to make it perfect, word everything just right and to be inspirational, just like so many others I read. And of course I wanted to do all of this with a lovely balance of cleverness and wit! So, I decided to write as though letters to dear friends simply explaining my own thoughts, imperfect, irrational or otherwise in hopes that they will accept them for what they are... Just thoughts. My thoughts.

Nothing’s impossible so here it goes!

~If we ever make it home there’ll be peace like we’ve never known.~